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128-bit CPU coming with Windows 8.

128-Bit Processors

According to now defunct LinkedIn account, British branch of Microsoft Research team is working on getting IA-128 to achieve “full binary compatibility on the existing IA-64 instructions in the hardware simulation to work for Windows 8.”

The fact that Windows 8 and Windows 9 kernels are to support the 128-bit CPU architecture speak for itself, but the physical hardware is coming sooner than most people think. It isn’t hard to predict what processors will support 128-bit instruction set – not on the CPUs coming next year, but starting from 2011, we should see 128-bit CPUs coming our way, such as AMD Bulldozer core. The question is in the air for Intel’s Haswell architecture. Haswell is the successor to Sandy Bridge architecture [Nehalem-Westmere / 45nm-32nm, Sandy Bridge-Ivy Bridge / 32nm-22nm], but besides bringing Larrabee set of features into the CPU, not much is known about the part.


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2 responses to “128-bit CPU coming with Windows 8.

  1. windows 8

    do u hv an idea when is windows 8 going to release?

    • As of now AMD’s Bulldozer and Intel’s Core i7 supports 128-bit instruction set. Plus 64-bit computing hasn’t become that famous till now. 64-Bit computing was introduced so as to take the advantage of massive RAM capacities in everyday computing. We see 64-bit’s future emerging. As far as windows 8 is considered, then just wait for few more years.

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