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An introduction to OpenGL 4.1 @ RasterGrid

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The Khronos Group keeps the pace that they set themselves being able to deliver the latest specification of OpenGL less than half year after the revolutionary appearance of OpenGL 4. Abandoning the OpenGL 3.x line of the specification (at least for a while) the new update concentrates on Shader Model 5.0 class GPUs and extensions heavily promoted by the community. Beside all this, the Khronos Group now confessedly opens towards convergence to OpenGL ES making the desktop version of the specification downward compatible with its embedded brother. In this article I would like to present the features introduced with the latest revision of the specification.

At the time of the release of the OpenGL 4 specification I was able to quickly deliver you a thorough presentation of all the new features introduced by that revision of the specification. This time I am already quite late, however I hope that this article will still prove as value for lots of you, especially for those who haven’t had time in the recent past to dig into the details of the new API version.

OpenGL 4.1 is not as revolutionary and feature-rich as its predecessor, however the latest revision was well received by the community as it brought such core extensions to the API that the community was waiting for a long time now. The new revision of the specification was accompanied with the appearance of a couple of other ARB extensions that have not yet been included into core, however I will still talk about some of them as they indicate a slight shift in the force of influence of various vendors and representatives inside the Architecture Review Board (ARB).

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