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Assassin’s Creed Ending Explained!

Assassin's Creed 1

So, you’ve finished Assassin’s Creed then? All gone a bit Da Vinci code hasn’t it? Don’t worry, Xbox World 360 magazine are here to guide you through it… SPOILERS AHEAD!

Answers to your Questions like:
Who is Subject Seventeen?
Is Desmond actually Altair?
What’s all this writing about?
Okay, so why can I not see it until the end of the game?
Wait a second. You said that Desmond wasn’t Altair! What gives?
Why only the one power?
Who are Abstergo?
Who is Lucy?
Back to the writing. What does the triangle of text say?
What does the block of writing say?
What does 12212012 mean?
What about
What is the significance of the animal pictures?
What are the pyramids about?
What is Yonaguni?
What is 22:13?
What’s the eye in the triangle about?
Emporer Ji… Jing…?
What is the significance of the door code?
Can you please explain the email on the final computer?
What are these Pieces of Eden?
Explain the Achievements please!
What’s the other writing?

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