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Intel: Nulstein-DX11 Deffered Context and DIY Game Task Scheduling


Nulstein is a to-scale model of a game engine that aims to do most of what it is a game engine does using the a minimal amount of code. This came up while interacting with the demoscene and seeing that toying with a small code base is a good way to try things out quickly, make experiments, and start all over again every time you want. The project’s motto is “if it is rocket science, you need Einstein. If not, nulstein should do.” Climb on the shoulders of this giant and try to do something as simple as possible (but not simpler).

Nulstein 2.0: The second iteration builds on the first and leverages DX11 multithreaded capabilities to finish making the engine fully parallel. (“UFO invasion – DX11 and multicore to the rescue” )

Nulstein 1.0: The first iteration implements a tiny task scheduler, suitable for demomakers, and presents a first implementation of a parallel-game loop. “do-it-yourself task scheduling”.



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