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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 Rumour!!

The GPU war continues and NVIDIA will be leading its way with GTX 580, a fermi architecture GPU which is rumored to have following specs:

1. 512 CUDA cores (or 64 multiprocessing units, that’s pretty powerful as compared to 60 core GTX480)

2. 128 TMU’s (Texture Memory Units)

3. 2GB DDR5

4. 512-Bit memory interface.

5. TDP (Thermal Design Power) same as GeForce GTX 480 which has 250W (rumored to be 275W, by a source).

From the source, it is reported that the GeForce GTX 580 design would be based on GeForce 110 series. The 10 series cards is internally used by NVIDIA only. But wait! AMD will be unveiling its monster Radeon 6970 which is also expected to be equally powerful as GTX 580 by next week most probably.

Lets see what happens!!


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