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Apacer ARES DDR3 2400MHz overclocking modules released

Apacer released new ARES DDR3 memory modules with clockspeeds of up to 2400MHz:

Apacer, one of the world’s leading brands of memory modules, announced today its ARES DDR3 Overclocking Memory Module. The newly-unveiled memory module is named after the god of war “ARES.” Features include advanced memory chips, zero noise heat pipe cooling system with a large red aluminum heat dissipation fin. It is able to operate at a blazing-fast clock rate of 2400MHz, allowing not only overclockers to create overclocking miracles but hardcore gamers to achieve their optimum performance during the games.

ARES, the god of war, clad in armor dashing in the ferocious battlefield, is thought to have been invincible in Greek mythology. After the previous launch of second-to-none Aeolus equivalent, Apacer again named its DDR3 memory module from the mythology. Just as its name suggested, ARES DDR3 Overclocking Memory Module promises to deliver amazing and stable overclocking performances that feed the needs of the overclocking experts.

What stands out most about the ARES DDR3 Overclocking Memory Module series is the red fin heat sink thermal design, which symbolizes the overwhelming ARES in the comparative market. The ARES DDR3 series use a copper heat pipe cooler containing heat transfer liquid that turns into vapor by absorbing the heat of thermal-conductive copper heat pipe and transfers the vapor onto the large red heat dissipation fin through capillarity and phase transition technology. This efficient thermal design helps deliver optimum overclocking memory performances while maintaining cool temperatures.

“Apacer’s overclocking memory modules are indeed the top enablers for gamers.” said Grace Lo, Associated Vice President of Apacer Commodity Business Unit. “Copper heat pipes have a higher thermal conductivity for effective heat dissipation, so it helps maintain cool temperatures while providing a stable overclocking performance,” Lo went on, “Among the pluses of heat pipe is the ability to achieve effective heat dissipation without producing any noise, which helps create a quiet and comfortable overclocking environment. Also, the heat pipe offers heat dissipation without the need of regular cleaning and maintenance.

Apacer’s top of the line ARES DDR3 dual channel series comes in two specifications, namely DDR3 2400 2GB x2 and DDR3 2000 2GBx2. This dual-channel memory kit is a perfect combination of high clock speed, efficient thermal design and low latency with an operating voltage of mere 1.65V that strongly boosts your system performance.

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