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Irrlicht 1.7.2 SDK released

 - Fix blend mode setup in OpenGL driver, when using the material2d override, as pointed out by Auria

 - Fix image creation from texture, found by dataslayer

 - Fix crashes when taking Screenhots for DirectX in Windowed mode (thx to agamemnus for reporting)

 - StaticText does now serialize the background color

 - Fix gui-elements which didn't care when skin-colors changed. That made it impossible to make the gui slowly transparent (thx to PI for reporting). 
 Note that it couldn't be completely fixed for the SpinBox without breaking the interface, so for that element you have to enforce this by calling for example element->setValue(element->getValue()) once.

 - Fix CXMLReaderImpl::getAttributeValueAsInt which returned wrong values with large integers (thx to squisher for finding)


 - Fix compile problem in swap when using irrlicht in combination with stl (backport from trunk r3281)

 - Fix serialization in CParticleSystemSceneNode (found by B@z)

 - Prevent crash in BillboardTextSceneNode when a custom font is used. Found and fixed by Nalin (bugtracker id: 3020487)

 - Fix problem in animation system that currentFrame got messed up after long pauses (especially when not starting at frame 0).
   See forum thread ( and bug id 2898876.
   Also remove BeginFrameTime in CAnimatedMeshSceneNode as it hasn't been used anymore since some time.

 - Add framerate and current frame information for animations in example 09 and do some minor cleanup.

 - Added another test for xml-reader.

 - Fix serialization in several particle emitters and affectors (thx to Ion Dune for reporting).

 - Fix compile-error on VS for vector2d::getAngleTrig when used with integers. (thx to greenya for reporting)

 - Fix bug in dimension2d::getInterpolated that caused wrong results when used with integers as template parameter. (thx to Greenya for noticing a warning which made me look over this code).

 - Remove 2 minor memory leaks in meshloaders (found by tool cppcheck-1.43)

 - reduce file dependencies for IGUIEventReceiver.h (thx ngc92)

 - Initialize GUIEvent.Element in several places (found by greenya)

 - Add EGDS_MESSAGE_BOX_MAX_TEXT_WIDTH and deprecated EGDS_MESSAGE_BOX_MAX_TEST_WIDTH (thx to greenya for reporting).

 - Fix several places where "used" in core::string was used wrongly preventing some memory corruption

 - Remove additional slash in pathnames in X-Loader

 - Fix crash in CGUIListBox when environment was cleared on events

 - Bugfix: Clear up depth-textures which could not be attached in OpenGL to prevent crashes. 

 - Fix arrowMesh boundingbox.

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