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Crysis 3 Confirmed!

Crytek’s CEO Cevat Yerli confirmed Crysis 3 release and it is expected in 3D only.

Apparently Crytek’s boss Cevat Yerli believes that 3D is going to be so successful that it will be mainstream soon – at least that’s what he said at the E3 in an interview with German PC magazine “GameStar”. Starcraft 2 is getting 3D support and nearly all new games support 3D in some way. Yerli believes that normal games and 3D are going to co-exist for a few years until 3D takes over and 3D will be the new standard.

Due to the enormous success of Crysis, it’s obvious that Crysis 3 will be coming. The question is when! Crysis 1 was released back in November 2007 and Crysis 2 will be probably released in November 2010, so about 3 years between two releases. If they are going to work on something else than Crysis 3, we could expect Crysis 3 in 4-5 years. If they are expanding their team or start working on Crysis 3 immediately after releasing Crysis 2 it might be released in 2013.

I believe Crytek’s CEO Cevat Yerli once (back in Nov. 2007) said that the game is designed as a trilogy. As far as the next release is concerned I dont see any continuation to the original story. So definitely Crytek is going other way since they have to sustain themselves. Recently Crytek joined Microsoft for a future release “Codename:Kingdom”. Crysis fans be patient!!



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