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Intel 22nm roadmap unveiled – Ivy Bridge

Ivy Bridge is the upcoming Intel’s processor. Ivy Bridge is a tick, a variant of an existing architecture, here Sandy Bridge. But this new processor won’t be a simple variation, because Ivy Bridge GPU will be Direct3D 11 compliant!

Ivy Bridge will use a 22nm process allowing Intel to pack more execution units (or EUs which are the GPU cores) on the die. The rumors say that Ivy Bridge will feature 24 EUs while current Sandy Bridge packs a max of 12 EUs (in HD Graphics 3000), while retaining its LGA 1155 socket compatibility

According to the keynote speech presented by Paul Otellini during the 2010 Intel Developer Forum (IDF), Ivy Bridge processors may be introduced as early as the second half of 2011. However, it now seems more likely that Ivy Bridge will be launched a year after Sandy Bridge, probably during CES 2012. Ivy Bridge will replace dual-core processors with quad-core processors at the entry level segment, while delivering eight-core processors for mainstream and higher-end level segments.



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