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Inside NVIDIA Tegra 2!

Nvidia Tegra 2 is finally finding itself inside newer smartphones. Before you judge the Tegra 2’s performance over any other smartphone processor, lets look what Nvidia has to give the smartphone market.

The Nvidia Tegra 2 chip combines a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor (Max. to 1GHz speeds) with Nvidia graphics pipeline to create a platform which is expected to be used in a number of HD tablets, smartbooks and smartphones launching in 2011.

The Tegra 2 is designed to perform absolutely awsome in HD multimedia and gaming. For the matter of fact the Tegra 2 can stream 1080p video, has HDMI-out and benefits from Flash Player 10.1 hardware acceleration. Nvidia claims Tegra 2 can deliver over 16 hours of HD video on a single charge which is astonishing.

The chipset combines eight independent processors (including Cortex A9) to optimise power usage at all times. It also means it can easily handle mobile 3D gaming, web browsing as well as HD video encoding. Nvidia claims that it is 10x faster than the CPUs found in current smartphones, whilst delivering 4x the performance of the first Tegra chip.

Graphics: Double 3D graphics performance of Tegra 600 series (10%-30% faster than PowerVR SGX540 and 25%-100% faster than Snapdragon Adreno 205)

Tegra 250 Specifications:

Processor and Memory Subsystem

  • Dual ARM® Cortex-A9 MPCore processors, Up to 1.0 GHz
  • 32-bit LP-DDR2, DDR2

System Memory

  • Lower Power DDR2 / DDR2 (DDR2-667, 166 MHz)

Supported OS

  • Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Android.

Ultra Low Power NVIDIA Graphics

  • GeForce ULP (Ultra Low Power).
  • Double 3D graphics performance of Tegra 600 series (10%-30% faster than PowerVR SGX540[12] and 25%-100% faster than Snapdragon Adreno 205)
  • OpenGL ES 2.0
  • Programmable pixel shader and Programmable vertex and lighting
  • 2x 3D graphics performance of previous generation Tegra

Full High Definition Multimedia

  • 1080p H.264/VC-1/MPEG-4 Video Decode
  • 1080p H.264 Video Encode
  • Supports multi-standard audio formats, including AAC, AMR, WMA, and MP3
  • Upgraded JPEG encode and decode acceleration

Integrated Image Signal Processing

  • Up to 12 megapixel camera sensor support
  • Advanced imaging features (AWB, AF, AE, etc.)

Display Subsystem

  • True dual-display support
  • Maximum display resolutions supported:
  • 1080p (1920×1080) HDMI 1.3
  • WSXGA+ (1680×1050) LCD
  • UXGA (1600×1200) CRT
  • NTSC/PAL TV output

Tegra 2 3D (T25/AP25)

Nvidia is romoured to bring up Tegra 2 3D, a different version of the Tegra 2 which will additionally have the power of generating 3D images to the smartphone displays.

John W. Daly Wrote (Nvidia’s Tegra 2 3D unveiled): “Nvidia’s Tegra 2 3D holds the promise of being a game changing platform in the mobile arena, much to the detriment of Intel, whose Atom simply can’t compete in terms of energy nor graphical performance. It seems trying to shut Nvidia out of the world of netbooks backfired, a sign of imperial hubris, letting Chipzilla fall flat on its face in a new, infant market.” 😉

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