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Carbon: Next Gen Physics Engine

Carbon is the next generation physics library in development at Numerion Software. The goal is to provide a unified physics frame-work supporting the simulation of Soft and Rigid bodies with collision and motion constraints (such as Joints), in an easy to use, high performance package for games and movie developers. Carbon uses non-linear constraint solvers to deliver a robustness not typically seen in real-time solutions.

Carbon also utilizes a novel algorithmic approach to deliver very high multi-core performance through a number of techniques including; minimizing memory bandwidth and leveraging nested parallelism. There is also full control of the trade-off between quality and performance, making Carbon well suited to applications with simulation requirements ranging from real-time to interactive and even production.

The Carbon library is built on the fundamental idea of physics modeling. For example the Carbon library does not contain a fixed set of Soft body models, but a set of Soft body building blocks, called primitives, that can be used to assemble the Soft body model that best suits your application. By analogy with graphics, where artists assemble models with primitives such as vertices, edges, triangles and higher order curves and surfaces, the Carbon library makes it possible to assemble Soft body physical models based on physics primitives such as nodes, segments, faces, tetrahedrons, etc.

The Carbon physics technology is particularly well suited to helping make characters more believable in games and animated movies.


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