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OpenCL Studio 1.13 – Giest Software Labs Inc.

Giest Software Labs Inc. brings a new development environment for OpenCL known OpenCL Studio. OpenCL Studio combines OpenCL and OpenGL into a single integrated development environment that allows you to visualize OpenCL computation using 3D rendering techniques. Allows you to Develop OpenCL programs in real time using integrated source code editors, compilers and profilers, Analyze work progress using predefined visualization capabilities based on OpenGL interoperability, Build sophisticated prototyping environments using the Lua scripting language and a toolbox of user interface widgets.

Key Features of OpenCL Studio
  • Tight integration of OpenCL and OpenGL into a single integrated development environment for high performance computing.
  • Feature-rich source code editors and Lua scripting capabilities for the rapid development of kernels, shaders and control logic.
  • Toolbox of predefined 3D rendering constructs and 2D user interface widgets for complex visualization tasks and interactivity.
  • Flexible plug-in architecture to import proprietary data and integrate with existing processing pipelines.
  • Growing library of parallel algorithms for common parallel processing and visualization tasks.
  • Cross-platform runtime engine.

Watch OpenCL Studio in Action


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