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BADA 2.0 for Samsung Wave S8500 Confirmed!!


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23 responses to “BADA 2.0 for Samsung Wave S8500 Confirmed!!

  1. sks

    f. . . . .k . when they are going to release Bada 2.0 for wave 8500 in India . . . plz release soon we need it badly . . . otherwise we are going to sell this bludy phone . . reply urgent . .

  2. sks

    let me know exact releasing date Bada 2.0 in India . . thanks

    • BADA 2.0 is launching in July 2011. According to some discussion, India will get BADA 2.0 at the end of Q4. I am hoping it to be release by August. India anyways got 1.2 late from rest of the world.

      Samsung says, the total number of BADA devices sold in india is almost equal to the Android phones. So expecting it a little earlier this time.

      Lets hope for the best, what else you can do!!!

  3. sks

    can you please tell me when they are going to release bada 2.0 in India . . . . we gettin irritate from this 1.2 software . .

    • Bad news but not confirmed. Many Bada forums after consulting, “BADA 2.0 is still in alpha stage”!! Expect it by End of 2011!!

      Dnt wait too much!! Its better downgrade to 1.0.

  4. sks

    wrong answer . . . it will come July Bada 2.0 will be there for us Indians . . go n check it internet . .

    • What samsung ensures cannot be believed…atleast I have stopped believing them. And also as i mentioned that no body is sure about the BADA 2.0 release. If they release 2.0 by July 2011 then that is something appreciating. I still doubt and finger crossed!!

  5. Vishnu ⋅

    Hi, I’m using bada 1.0 Indian version. Can I update my Bada 1.0 to Bada 2.0. Is this BADA 2.0 is compatible for Indian phones?

    • Yes BADA 2.0 would be compatible with all S8500 Wave models (inc. Indian Firmware). As per various discussions in the samsung wave forums, bada 2.0 release may come first to india due to the increased selling of bada phones. Samsung had planned to release the 2.0 update in July (for wave and wave II )and as usual it is delaying the release. Though Bada 2.0 have been released for other 3 bada phones. Just wait for some more time. I am expecting it to come before october 2011 and not too sooner.


  6. Saurabh ⋅

    its too late as Indians are the max users of Wave S8500 in the Market . this is seriously a long wait … and it makes us feel bored with the current version !!

  7. tarun bansal ⋅

    is bada 2.0 now available for s8500 in india
    if yes
    will service centers be updating it

    • Tarun,

      Its true that Bada 2.0 will support s8500, but Samsung has not confirmed the release yet after a statement for July’11.
      Its been quite a long time since the Bada wave users are waiting for this release. You may have to wait for the update may be a little more long. I am expecting it in the Q4.



  8. vamsi ⋅

    its not launched

  9. vamsi ⋅

    now date is 22-11-2011 and i am from india hyderabad.till now bada 2.0 is not launched for my wave many days we want to wait.

    • Hi,

      This has now gone over the head. I guess S8500 users should stop thinking for this upgrade. Samsung have made lots of promises that may not be coming into action, all they care about is there current user database.
      Bada 2.0 is no matter is a good firmware, but has not hit the market that much like android and iOS. Question is, even if you upgrade to 2.0, where will it take you in near future? Forget about long term commitments.
      Till the time this update will be available, this model would have reached its retirement. Don’t worry more about this upgrade and if possible preserve this phone somewhere in your antique collection and then move-on to something new and future proof like Android and even windows 7.5 mango.

      Have a good day and Best Luck!


  10. Gopal ⋅

    pls confim can i upgrade my wave-2 os 1.2 to 2.0 bada os ?

    • It should be available since Samsung still hasn’t banned S8530. You can confirm this with Samsung Customer care. Visit there site and post your query and let us know here and our viewers about the update.

      With Warm Regards,


  11. gaurav mehta ⋅

    when will be bada2.0 available for my phone wave GT-S8500… i m facing too much problems with bada 1.2 1108221926LISS8500DDKH1 software version as my phone hangs too much n reboots itself while sending msgs n while internet surfing…
    please help me…

  12. kostas ⋅

    i have samsung gt s8500 in 1.2 firmware in Greece can i upgrade it in 2.0 version..

    • Only when Samsung will release an update. I am not sure about Greece, but in hasn’t rolled out here in India yet!

      Newz Have a great day ahead.


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