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S9500 to join BADA Line of Smartphones

Samsung’s BADA line of smartphones might have a new Wave! According to the internet rumor, this model is expected to be called the GT-S9500. Mind that Samsung has not confirmed this model number yet, rather the model number was deduced by a logic that Samsung is following. Since the first Wave was launched with S8500 model(a revolution), Bada 2.0 is again a revolution so there is a possibility of S9500 be the successor of Wave II.

As far as the configuration is considered, this model may feature (Complete Speculation, ofcourse):

  • Dual Core 1.5GHz/1.2GHz ARM Coretx A9 Humming under the Hood.
  • Screen Size may be like Wave II or may reach upto 4″
  • 1GB RAM
  • Bada OS 2.0.1
  • Super AMOLED Plus
  • why not keep the camera quality to higher side: expect HD recording quality at 1080p /better camera upto 8MP.

The above specification is a mere speculation about this wave successor. Since there are no leaked pictures or any documented specification, we’ll wait for now. No comments here after. But keep an eye on the internet for news and updates on the same.

Till then pray for BADA 2.0 to come ASAP for its existing fierce wave users!!

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