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Assassin’s Creed : Revelation

Official Trailer

Gameplay Trailer

This could be the last part of Assassin’s Creed sequel.

The Story:

“The demo opens with Ezio involved in a horse and carriage chase, barrelling towards a Templar keep, the chasing Templars throw a grenade and blow up Ezio’s carriage, he tumbles over edge of the cliff. He’s now in a snowy, dark and poor-looking village. Ezio climbs back up and confronts guards. Templar Captain orders them to kill Ezio. Ezio is badly wounded: he can’t run or climb due to his injuries. You have to be clever in how he approaches guards. Jogs slowly with bad limp. 

Relying on stealth kills, Ezio runs up to water mill in pursuit of the Templar Captain who has now fled and taken refuge somewhere in the village. We’re shown Eagle Sense, this projects a ghost of the Templar captain’s last movements so we can track him. This also displays red footsteps to denote guard patrol patterns to plan strategies. 

Ezio uses a tripwire bomb. He plants it on Templar body so when guards go to see what happened, they get blown up. Treasure chests remain in the game, Ezio finds his ‘caltrops’ weapon (spikes) and some bomb making ingredients. Ezio then uses a Diversion bomb. He’s set it up with a fuse, then holds the throw button – the aiming reticule comes up to show bounce trajectory. Ezio bounces it round a street corner and takes out guards from a distance.”
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November 2011: IGN (Ubisoft Officially Declares)

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