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Get Ready for Battlefield 3-The next Crysis!

Yes, Battlefield 3 (Beta) has been released to the world of gamers to try this new and awesome game that is preparing its release by next month[src].

On 29th September this game was released in its beta form, to showcase DICE’s new and optimized game engine. Battlefield 3 game engine is a much advanced game engine to give a direct competition to its counter part CryENGINE 3.

Battlefield 3 : Technology Preview

The engine showcases it advanced GI (Global illumination) in most of the conditions such as during environment destruction. The new 3D Engine of Battlefield boasts its power to fully destruct the environment with realtime radiosity lighting, deferred rendering with robust antialiasing, and richly lit indoor scenes with massively scaled outdoor levels, all combined in one engine. It also claims that none of the engine harbors all these technology in one package, till date, That’s a big claim I must say!

Game Enigne

Battlefield 3 will be on DICE’s heavily optimized Frostbite v1.5 (Bad Company 2), a next generation game engine called Frostbite 2

Click on the image to read more about this engine!

Few of the engine highlights are:

  • Improved high-dynamic range (HDR) audio from that seen in earlier incarnations of the Frostbite engine.  Sound effects were recorded from different distances to make the audio as realistic as possible.
  • Optimized graphics pipelines to scale multi-gpu support in SLI and CrossFire mode.
  • Intended for use on 64-bit CPUs and OSes (Windows Vista or Windows 7 64-bit editions).
  • No support for Windows XP or DirectX 9; DX10 will be supported but the engine is intended for DX11 graphics cards.
  • DirectCompute tile-based deferred shader rendering.  Improves performance and graphics.
  • Destruction 3.0, improving on the destructible environments seen in BC and BC2 (Destruction 1.0 and 2.0 respectively).
  • DirectCompute Morphological Anti-Aliasing (MLAA).  DX11 only; improves performance and graphics.
  • Real-time radiosity lighting engine, based on the Geomarics Enlighten rendering software.  Allows for fully dynamic, fully HDR (high-dynamic range) realistic lighting. [src]

As per the article at[via], the game will perform well in new GeForce cards(400 and 500) as well as old GeForce cards(8,9,200,300-series).

Recommended ATI Radeon 4000 Series and new cards(5000 and 6000-series) for this game.

Read performance guide at


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