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Apple iPhone 4S with SIRI !!


So whats the fuzz has been since last few months about iPhone 5. Finally, Apple increment to the line of iPhone is set to mesmerize the world on October 14th, 2011,  hopefully.


Apple’s iPhone always has been an innovatory gadget in the mobile industry. This time Apple will surprise you by its new built-in AI to recognize voice commands and respond to its owner. Not to mention the upgraded hardware, here’s the specification:

  • 1GHz Dual Core ARM A9 Cortex(A5 Chipset), Similar to most Dual cores that have been integrated to other phones for example by Samsung, LG and Motorola. So nothing new from 4S.

  • PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU, actually nothing but two cores of SGX543, fully optimized. Apple claims iPhone to render graphics 7x faster than any other Single GPU solution. Android line of phones will get nVIDIA Tegra 2 which theoretically seems faster than iPhone’s Dual-Core GPU. Yet to confirm this from other tech sites.
  • OS: iOS 5
  • 4S will now support both CDMA and GSM technologies.
  • Camera upgraded to 8MP, captures 1080p HD video at a remarkable 30FPS recording with enhanced video stability control. So even if your hand shakes a little, iPhone will correct it for you!

  • First phone with Bluetooth 4.0(+A2DP). In 2010, Samsung Wave was the first mobile that shipped with BT 3.0, though it never never operated as per the BT 3.0 official specification. Wonder what iPhone 4S has to offer with 4.0. By the way 4.0 is all about Ultra-low peak, average and idle mode power consumption, and Enhanced range, nothing more than that.

But 4S will definitely amaze you this time with its new in-built AI system which not only talks to the owner of the phone but is a “Humble Assistant“. This is the new software called as SIRI, which comes pre-loaded on the 4S. The SIRI is still in its beta phase, but it does offer a whole lot of amusement to the user.


Siri, your personal assistant can bring whole lot of information to you, it can interpret what you want and bring the exact results to you. This is completely different from any classical/awkward voice recognition command. It uses natural language to interact with its owner, feels like you are speaking to a person. That’s incredible, isn’t it! SIRI can access the internet and can find you information in a jiffy, for example, near by restaurants, find meaning of the words & it can read and spell them for you too, access the GPS to find you a location and route you there, weather forecasting, reply to your email or SMS, prompt you for a call while you are driving, setup meeting time, alarm, geo-based schedulers, recognize your family individuals, and so many others, all you have to do is just ask, naturally as you would as any other person. So you are not a good speaker, don’t worry, SIRI will learn you as you get acquainted with it. SIRI can speak English, French and German currently, but more support may come. Of course some of you might have predicted, Yes SIRI usage may drain up your battery. SIRI can be activated just by pressing a button and definitely you will love it.

For time being, SIRI will not be available for iPhone 4 users. Since this has not been confirmed by both Apple and other Technology showcasing sites, iPhone 4 users have to wait till something gets finalized. According to Official Apple community, SIRI requires a Dual-Core A5 chip to work, which seems little dicey right now. So not discussing it much it now!

So is it worth upgrading to 4S, I guess think a little bit!


Apple iPhone 4S will definitely give the games a complete new feel with its dual core processor. If you are an iPhone 4 user, then I am pretty much sure that you have played the game Infinity Blade on your phone. Apple picked up a very powerful GPU this time for the iPhone 4S which would not only provide high-resolution gaming but this time watch out for the anti-aliased game play, oh yes!

With the launch of 4S, Epic would be soon updating the next version of the infinity blade game for iOS 5.

The pricing you can find it on Apple’s site, starting from 199$.


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