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CryENGINE 3 update is here!! :


CryENGINE 3 SDK’s newest update is available for download with lots of changes and additions. Surely, this update is expected to be full-filling for the CryENGINEERS!

The latest update is available on as they are the official partners with Crytek, GmbH. The latest build number is 2572, following are the highlights over the 2456 build.

  • Added ability to save levels to Projects for use with CryDev Projects Database
  • Added redundancy for logoff to prevent “Account Locked” errors
  • Added more flexibility to login username/password allowed characters
  • Added ability for any CryDev user to load any level within the Launcher
  • Added support for building GameDLL using Visual C++ Express
  • Added ability for player to switch seats in some vehicles
  • Added Time:FrameDelay flownode to delay actions for just one frame
  • Fixed several login and logoff crashes
  • Fixed crash when creating new levels
  • Fixed rare crash when deleting an Animation Graph Editor view, along with several other fixes and adjustments to Animation Graph Editor
  • Fixed rare crash if sound system is disabled
  • Fixed several warnings/issues specific to 64-bit
  • Fixed issue relating to mouse and screen resolution in Launcher
  • Fixed issue where AI wouldn’t enter vehicles
  • Fixed issue with Material Editor jumping to different materials against users input
  • Fixed issue with road tool not aligning correctly with edited terrain
  • Fixed “Frozen” material layer
  • Fixed HMMWV not loading in Vehicle Editor
  • Fixed issue with water volume material not displaying water ripples
  • Fixed a few misplaced objects in the Forest sample level
  • Made several adjustments to particle system
  • Made several fixes made to AI system
  • Made several changes to weapon firemodes and other weapon tweaks
  • Improved CryTif support (64-bit and newer versions of Photoshop)
  • Adjustments made to Flowgraph editor
  • Adjusted warning box on Sandbox startup related to NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate error, users can now ignore this warning or have the registry adjusted to fix
  • Fixed TimeofDayTrigger and looping ToD not working correctly
  • Fix for 16-bit float image always generate DXT5 instead of DXT1
  • Adjusted spawnpoint arrow/icon
  • Fixed issue with overlapping water volumes
  • Many fixes/improvements to Maya exporter
  • Several updates to Abrams Tank & MH60 Blackhawk sample vehicles
  • Adjusted motionBlur settings to provide nicer results
  • Added several new asset additions to the Forest sample level, including things like water droplet sounds, sounds for falling debris, etc
  • Made several beautification updates to Forest level including new textures, additional objects, new materials, etc
  • Updated rock assets for improved collision
  • Added rooster boid with animations
  • Updated turtle boid animations
  • Added LODs for several assets, chimneys, railroad tracks, drains, etc
  • Improved several particle effects, including bullet/water impact
  • Added 3ds Max files for railroad tracks
  • Added new low detail texture for terrain
  • Added several new destroyable props and replaced lamp post and power poles in Forest with destroyable versions
  • Added new outdoor toilet asset for Forest
  • Added pickup, pick and throw animations
  • Made several adjustments to the Asset Browser
  • Fixed: Potential crash if no filename is specified for a static vehicle part. Added proper warnings with references to the part and vehicle causing the problem
  • Fixed crash on closing Vehicle Editor when the HMMWW is loaded
  • Destroyable object pieces no longer always sink in water (“kwater” prop was applied even when unset)



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