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Crytek’s GFace

In the war of social networks, Crytek launched its first GFace social network site based on the Crytek’s new Seed Engine Cloud technology on 7th Feb 2012. GFace enable the new social gaming platform that lets user share context aware game sessions, video seeds and personal media. Currently, the GFace is in closed beta stage. The site resembles quite with Facebook, the only difference is GFace will let you play 2D and 3D core and casual multiplayer games without any extra installation! All games will be directly streamed from GFace plugin. In addition to its core features, GFace even boasts cross-platform play between phones, iPads and computers, and possibly more. Powered by Crytek’s technology, I have a feeling that its gonna be awsome. In this closed beta phase GFace will offer “Warface” to play on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

At this very initial moment the details remains limited and there is whole lot of testing which is going on in GFace.

I’ll keep you updated as and when GFace updates.

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