Unreal Development Kit Game Design Cookbook [Book Review]


UDK has emerged into a very powerful and complete development environment for game developers and designers. UDK is heavily rich in tools and designed to be customizable. UDK has gone through monthly increments of beta versions and each version gives you lot of feedback on the UDK integrated tool set. For designers, especially the beginners and just started designers, UDK may become cumbersome after some time. It’s because UDK’s development is very short and each iteration brings in new set feature and re-organizes these overall the development environment. Author presents this book in extension to the Unreal development Kit beginner’s guide by Richard Moore, filling in the missing pieces of puzzle. The book is a complete package of information and game developers or designers would like to read this. Guaranteed satisfaction throughout the book, and increasing throughput of developers in a serious business. The recipes presented with extra fine details to improve developing opportunities with UDK, by experimentation with the concepts presented.

The whole book has an excellent flow of topics with step by step guidance to every recipe and its effect in the environment. Advanced and core topics such as lighting, materials, visual scripting with Kismet, flash and scalerform UI, Skeleton animation and Physics asset. In short there are lots of advanced topics covered in this book as separate  chapters.

In my honest opinion this book is the first of its kind that also refers to other online tutorials, Yes! You will find the URL’s that lead to you the forums and tutorial sites to help escape from the bookish information. In addition to this, I will recommend to read the Unreal development Kit Beginner’s Guide by Richard Moore side by side.

Overall, the book gives you authentic information and is latest to this date. Get your hands on this book, grab a copy now to avail the knowledge and chance to explore the UDK in depth. This book is worth reading and suitable for returning as well as beginner designers in UDK.

Grab the copy from multiple locations, primary being Packt’s Publishing Ltd.

GPUToaster rates 10/10.