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CUDA 5 Release Candidate (Pre-Production)

CUDA 5 introduces several new tools and features that make it easier than ever to add GPU acceleration to your applications, including:

New Nsight, Eclipse Edition helps you explore the power of GPU computing with the productivity of Eclipse on Linux and MacOS

  • Develop, debug, and profile your GPU application all within a familiar Eclipse-based  IDE
  • Integrated expert analysis system provides automated performance analysis and step-by-step guidance to fix performance bottlenecks in the code
  • Easily port CPU loops to CUDA kernels with automatic code refactoring
  • Semantic highlighting of CUDA code makes it easy to differentiate GPU Code from CPU code
  • Integrated CUDA code samples makes it quick and easy to get started
  • Generate code faster with CUDA aware auto code completion and inline help

GPU callable libraries now possible with GPU Library Object Linking

  • Compile independent sources to GPU object files and link together into a larger application
  • Design plug-in APIs that allow developers to extend the functionality of your kernels
  • Efficient and familiar process for developing large GPU applications
  • Enables 3rd party ecosystem for GPU callable libraries

GPUDirect RDMA provides fastest possible communication between GPUs and other PCI-E devices

  • Direct memory access (DMA) supported between NIC and GPU without the need for CPU-side data buffering
  • Significantly improved MPISendRecv efficiency between GPU and other nodes in a network
  • Eliminates CPU bandwidth and latency bottlenecks
  • Works with variety of 3rd party network and storage devices

Dynamic Parallelism enables programmers to easily accelerate parallel nested loops on the new Kepler GK110 GPUs

  • Developers can easily spawn new parallel work from within GPU code
  • Minimizes the back and forth between the CPU and GPU
  • Enables GPU acceleration for a broader set of popular algorithms, including adaptive mesh refinement used in aerospace and automotive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations
  • Supported natively on Kepler II architecture GPUs, preview programming guide and whitepaper available today

Watch the overview of  CUDA 5.0:

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