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GFace invites you to crush their Servers!!!!

GFace is inviting you all Beta registered users, this weekend to crush their servers. It’s not literally “crushing”, that would be weird huh!!!! 🙂

Any ways, GFace would be doing a stress test on their Warface servers on 9th March 2013 and they are expecting us to put their servers under sweet pressure and load. For doing this, you would be earning points 400k max points so that you can use it when the warface is actually released.

Don’t get started yet! You could earn points only between stipulated hours i.e. 9:00 AM PST – 13:00 PST (India Timings: 10:30 PM onwards…)

So gear up and plunge into the world of online gaming with GFace powered by the one and only one awesome Crytek!!!

….And if you don’t know what is GFace, No worries, just register and take part in this global event… NOW!!!!

Here’s the link:

Here’s the complete deal:

GFace Warface mania!!

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