1. What the heck is a GPU?

GPU or Graphics Processing Unit (also known as Graphics Card) is a specialized microprocessor that offloads the CPU and accelerates 2D/3D processing. The processor is integrated in a separate package/board which requires a PCI/PCIe slots/expansion slots.  They can be found in various embedded systems, mobile phones, PC’s, workstations and Gaming console. On the contrary current Intel Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge/ Haswell and Future Architectures, GPU’s have been integrated in the same CPU package making it a Unique single CPU and GPU microprocessor. But note that even though they are in same package or board, they operate independently. GPU’s are very efficient in processing complex mathematics and manipulating pixels due to their massively parallel architectures. The performance boost of executing a complex algorithm on a GPU is due to the massive number of FPUs or the Floating Point Units (responsible for carrying out operations decimal and fractions of integers, part of ALU) present. Explaining more on this is beyond the scope of FAQs. Please use search engines to know more.

2. Why your alias is GPUToaster and what does it mean?

Well, if you separate GPU from Toaster, it means that toasting a GPU. 😀 LOLS….It means stressing a GPU so that it becomes so hot that holding its own ground becomes a challenge for it. I do of course take care of my card. The same is achieved by OC’ing (Overclocking). OC is a technique of manipulating hardware clocks to gain extra performance out of it. It involves increasing the chip voltage by minor values which is internally handled by the OC Software and hardware drivers. Do remember that OC’ing may damage your card PERMANENTLY/reduce chipset life-time if not OC’ed properly. I personally do not recommend OC’ing for normal gamers. Please consult or ask an expert before trying it on your system.

3. Ok, You got what an OC is. But why do you OC when you know it decreases the hardware life?

That’s a good question. OC does reduce your hardware life. Sometimes I do OC (sometimes playing games) during some R&D based work which demand lots of mathematical calculations per second. Or Sometimes you require to check the power of your present hardware. The configuration I have is now actually outdated. You can imagine how sometimes it is exciting experiencing and achieving performance on low-end hardware’s. OC’ing seems good at certain level. Do take care when OC’ng and don’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂

4. I don’t seem to understand the stuff you blog here.

I completely agree that. There are most of the stuffs that will go/would have gone beyond your understanding. The stuff I post here are mostly real-time 3D related and are different from what the most of the visitors expected. If any topic interests you, you are free to explore them more. Gaining knowledge doesn’t harm you see!

5. Why are most of the blog posts related to 3D and graphics?

I’ll precede with a disclaimer before answering this question.

“Whatever I write hereon shouldn’t be made controversial.”

Firstly, working and getting involved in 3D fascinates me a lot. The way the real-life is simulated in a virtual world using hardware technologies is really appreciating and challenging. It also teaches you how in real-life certain effects are reproduced, using some mathematical expressions. Plus the nature and depth of R&D in this particular domain is infinite. Secondly, this particular domain will never die or will never face depreciation though it might face some slow development in future. I’m making this statement on the basis of current trend and statistics. Thirdly, I don’t find web development, designing etc. that challenging because most of the Web process used in industries are service oriented, on the other hand 3D real-time rendering is totally R&D oriented? (No offense!)

6. How often the blog updates?

Difficult to answer but you may want to check it once a day for any newer updates. Try hitting the site once in the evening. If you want to keep yourself updated, kindly subscribe to this blog and each time GPUToaster updates will be directly posted to your email account. Optionally, you can use and RSS feed software as mentioned in the later FAQs.

7. I see only posts, so how do I comment, if I want to?

When you open the blog, you’ll only notice the updates. After each update you’ll find a link for “Leave comments”. Click on the link and submit your comment by providing your name and email id, optionally your home site. Your credentials are safe with wordpress.com and won’t be exposed to any one unless your consent is taken.

8. What does rating means? Is it necessary to do so?

Rating is rating. You can rate a post depending on your taste. The rating system is not sophisticated, self-explanatory and is open to all. If you like the posts then please do consider and take your precious little time and a mouse click to rate them. Your rating will help me improve the stuffs I post.

9. The contact info on the “About” page seems invalid?

Nice Catch!! You may notice a peculiar thing that a ‘.’ is written as DOT and @ written as AT. The main reason is to prevent SPAM. There are numerous smart and trendy SPYBOTS floating over the net. These bots scan every page and extract email ids for spamming. This method is preventive and passively reduces bot attacks. Do note that this is not a full proof method.

10. I see fewer tutorials and other contents more!

Primarily, I decided to post only tutorials on this blog. I had also planned the topics for them. My aim was to present tutorials that is understood even by an amateur programmer. Designing such tutorials was taking time, rate of blogging had reduced and I finally decided to include some interesting topics. Meanwhile I prepared some tutorials and posted. By the way don’t worry, more tutorials are on their way and will hit the blog soon. The delay has introduced as I have to manage both blogging life and professional life as you see both are equally important. I appreciate your patience.

11. There are many such sites like yours, why should I take RSS feed from you?

Again, it comes to personal liking. I do not force but recommend visitors to take the RSS feeds. If you like any other blog then that’s completely fine. The contents you find here are as well readily available on the internet sea. But if you find here something interesting then please do spread the word.[Update]There is a new RSS feed icon, you can use it to take regular feeds from GPUToaster’s blog if you wish to. For new users you can use a free desktop RSS reader at http://www.feeddemon.com/

12. I have posted a legitimate comment but it requires moderation? Why a comment would need moderation? (Fight against Profanity)

That’s a security measure against spammers and abusers. The comment you just posted won’t be accepted by the system. The comment is first checked by an anti-spam engine of wordpress.com. For example, any profane phrase/invalid Id/negative comments*/un-related comments, etc. if found, the same is moved to the spam list for further action. Please note that the blog is aimed to offer its visitors knowledge. Any profanity won’t be accepted and entertained here.

13. How would I search for a particular topic?

On the right half of the page, there is a search text box. You can use it to search any post, phrase, sentence, topic, category, etc. Alternatively, you can browse into month-wise topic or whichever method you feel right.

14. I want to advertise something from your blog, how would I do that?

As of now I have a free blog account. To be very precise, wordpress.com doesn’t allow advertisements or any user defined scripts on the blog. These limits will get removed if shifted to a server space. Well, there are no short-term plans though. GPUToaster will update you on this later.

15. I like your post and want to share with others!

If you like the post then you can share with anyone; GPUToaster won’t restrict you from doing so. You can share on namely, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumble-upon, Reddit. You can also mail any post and take print outs or print them to PDF,etc.

“Please consider saving papers, print only when it’s required, Save Paper, Save Trees. Thank you!”

16. Can I share the tutorial source codes?

Definitely! All source codes (if any) would be licensed under zlib/libpng. If at all any source is not recommended for distribution, a suitable license would be indicated/ attached.

[Update] A meebo widget is added to the blog so that you can directly chat with me.

If you have any other queries please do mail me or leave comments. Thank you.

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